INAB General Contracting &Trading

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Genral Manager:
Eng. Ali S. Shihab

Sell phone:+964-7807683022

Trading name: INAB Company for general contracting &trading Ltd.
Category: Construction.
Company Work Description:
A) Engineering Task: - General construction contracts-constricting civilian buildings-installing and
extending drinking water networks-drainage networks-preparing concretes blocks-bridges and roads
construction-caravans installation.
B) Commercial tasks: - Supplying different kinds of construction, sanitary and electrical materials sup plying
the fundamental materials needed for the caravans-supplying different materials needed to the projects held by our Company.
The company management:
1-The authorized manager: Mr. Ali S. Shihab.
2 - Engineering department: Designer Engineer &Architect Engineer plus fives civil engineers and about ten technicians of a long experience in engineering fields under the supervision of Mr. Ali.
3- Commercial management: Eight employees; an accounting manager, a commercial manager, a purchases manager and the rest are commercial management employees.

We got the following national & international Categories:-
1 -The Iraqi Contractors Union: 1st Construction , ID.No.4991
2 -The Iraqi Contractors Union: 5th Electrical &Mechanical , ID.No.4992
3 -The IBCCI ,ID.No:739. Class: A